Homemade Pavlova €24
Meringue base, filled with Fresh Cream, topped with Strawberries, Mandarins, Kiwis, Pears, Peaches & Flaked Chocolate

Cheesecake €12
A selection of homemade flavoured cheesecakes including, strawberry, lemon, baileys, maltesers  and chocolate and orange

Chocolate Fudge Cake €24
Homemade Chocolate Fudge Cake filled and topped with Chocolate Fudge icing.

Black Forest Gateaux €28
Chocolate sponge flavoured with kirch and layered with Fresh Cream & Black Cherries.

Apple Pie €12
Sweet Crust Pastry filled with hand cut Fresh Apples, served with Fresh Whipped Cream

Fresh Fruit Salad €15
Fresh cut Apples, Melon, Grapes, Pineapple and Manderines in a light syrup, served with Fresh Whipped Cream